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Welcome Home: 5 Adjustment Tips to Help Your Adopted Child

adopted childWhen you adopt a child the process can sometimes be just as stressful and challenging for the child you are adopting as it is for you as the adoptive parents.

Making the transition from orphan or unwanted child to one that is welcomed with open arms and showered with love can often be difficult for some children, especially if they are no longer infants or toddlers. At the same time, learning a foreign language can cause your child a great deal of stress and insecurity if you don’t help them adjust to their new life.

Here are a few tips to help you make your adopted child’s transition into one that is as stress-free and joyous as possible:

1.    Reassure your adopted child that he or she is very special and loved and they don’t need to fear being deserted if they’ve earned your displeasure.

2.    Establish things in your home as belonging solely to your adopted child. When they have a way to establish a location as theirs, it can help them identify with their new home and new family.

3.    If your child is of a different ethnicity than your family, determine in advance how you will respond to inquiries about your child’s background. Provide your child with a way to positively respond to other children or adults who ask questions.

4.    Include your adopted child in all family activities that a child should be involved in. This will enable the kid to easily adapt as a part of the family.

5.    Always keep the lines of communication open so your child will know that they have access to you whenever they feel necessary. Making your child feel at home will take time but if you put forth the right effort, you can make their transition into your family home and lifestyle as stress-free and easy as possible.

About Laurie Colton

Laurie Colton is the owner of A Is 4 Adoption, which is a licensed and bonded California based adoption facilitation center. Laurie and her dedicated staff are committed to answering all of your questions and concerns for the baby adoption process. She believes in providing all the necessary support to adoptive parents so that they make an informed decision and easy transition. She endeavors so that no parent will ever face the same pitfalls that she did while adopting her daughter.